Overa Activity: Intelligent Job Analysis Wherever You Are

IT Digital Security talks to our Managing Director, Ramón Ares and Innovation Director, Francisco González Hermida about Overa Activity and how the platforms comes to strengthen the effectiveness and productivity of a company, now that working remotely and hybrid styles of work are the new norm

Managing Director Ramón Ares explains that it was a specific need of a client that lead to the creation of Overa Activity – the need to have a tool that would allow companies to understand user experience in real time.

Innovation Director Francisco González Hermida talks about some of the features of Overa Activity, including  the visualisation of connectivity patterns, identification of peaks of activity for people and devices, and the analysis of device and people’s performance across all business. Francisco also adds that the solution is based in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, emerging technologies that continue to evolve.

Overa Activity is easy to integrate with other analytics tools and commercialised as a license per user model, regardless of the number of corporate devices employees have.

Rámon highlights that the solution’s focus is the measurement of productivity, providing objective and real data that helps companies make better decisions for their business, an area that felt like second nature to Ozona Tech (the company behind Overa Activity) – experts in enabling companies to work remotely.

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