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IT metrics

active devices

connected /
disconnected devices

devices being
used in real time

usage devices

used devices

used devices

devices with
low preformance

geographical location

IT indicators


Monitors devices both online and offline.

operating systems

Available for all operating systems and for all company devices – smartphones, laptops and tablets.

allows It teams

Allows IT teams to understand how technology is working across the business, identify connectivity patterns or issues and evaluate how new deployments are going/being adopted.

easy installation

Easy to install and deploy with remote working and analytics tools such as Citrix and Microsoft Analytics.


Allows for an analysis of the workplace at several levels – processes, applications, hardware or events and according to different segments – companies, brands, business verticals, departments, teams or roles.

helps IT teams

Helps the IT team understand user experience and if applications are fit for purpose, in real time.

no impact

Does not impact the functioning and speed of systems used, working seamlessly ‘behind the scenes’.

classify applications

Classify applications according to how they work and suit your business – productive/not productive, safe/unsafe.

helps HR teams

Helps HR teams track working hours, working patterns, punctuality and absenteeism levels, as well as understand technological competencies and identify training gaps.

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