overa activity security & privacy

Overa activity is a solution based on cloud and powered by an information grabber installed in companies’ corporate devices.

This component that needs installed is divided in 2 parts:

  • Agent
  • Service


  • Gathers data on how the user is interacting with the device (applications used, clicks, keyboard,…).
  • Has a CPU consumption of between 0 and 0.2%.
  • Has a RAM consumption of between 2.5 and 5MB of RAM.


  • Collects information from the device, including.
    • Events of the operating system, hardware readings sich as CPU, RAM, Disk and connectivity.
  • Supports all identity providers based in Openid, preconfigured Azure and Google.
  • Supports MFA, compatible with the APP of Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Uses Oauth 2.0.


Security ensured through 3 levels:

  • Messages encrypted via AES256GCM-SIV with symmetrical encryption.
  • Encrypted compression with MLA with asymetrcial encryption (based in Brotli).
  • Transmisson cannel in TCP TLS and QUIP, with asymmetric key communication encryption.

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