Ozona Tech internationalises Overa Activity in partnership with United Channels Consulting

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Ozona Tech internationalises their solution Overa Activity in partnership with United Channels Consulting

At the moment, Overa Activity is present in GCC countries such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and in Central Europe, like Belgium, through partnerships with Consultancy Companies and System Integrators experts in HR solutions and providing digital workspaces.

Overa Activity is an intelligent analytics tool for the workplace, developed entirely by the Innovation department of Ozona Tech.

Ozona Tech, company specialised in the digitalisation of the workspace has signed a partnership agreement with United Channels Consulting, an international consultancy dedicated to the targeting of new markets, to support the growth of their new platform Overa Activity in the Middle East and Central Europe.

Currently, the new platform providing intelligent analytics for the workplace based in AI and ML is present beyond Spanish boarders in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Belgium. In all these countries, the solution is represented by local expert consultancy companies and system integrators that work with complementary HR solutions and focus on the implementation of digital workspaces.

Today, we’re actively exploring partnership agreements with 5 companies in UAE, but aim to recruit at least 3 additional ones to be able to effectively test the market and reach out to clients in need of a solution like Overa Activity. At the same time, United Channels Consulting is focused on establishing a strategic Alliance with an EMEA software provider who would boost the internationalisation process in the region.

Joao Beato Esteves, CEO de United Channels Consulting: “our goal with Overa Activity is to help adapt the message to global markets and design the Go to Market (GTM) strategy internationally. We’re also responsible for the research, identification and recruitment of channels partners and clients relevant to Overa Activity. In order to achieve the goals we have set as part of our partnership, we count with a local team of experts based in the region Overa Activity is targeting for their internationalisation, as well as our own networking.”

 For Ramón Ares, CEO of Ozona Tech, is mandatory to count with a partner who knows the international market extremely well and is familiar with the specific client needs in each country: “We know the management team at UCC for many years and we have seen success together in other projects related with the selling of other software solutions. They know very well the markets they operate in, and what we need to elevate our pitch as a vendor (marketing, communications, visuals, copywriting, etc.) and have expert professionals based locally where we are developing our commercial activity”.

Overa Activity: AI and ML for the digital workspace

One of the main reasons to invest in the internationalisation of this product was the interest gathered from companies worldwide in being able to gain visibility over their businesses real time, regardless of location (be it remote, hybrid or in-person).

In the first instances, we’ve detected a lot of interest about the capabilities of this product. It covers a gap in the market that has been overlooked, or rather, filled by solutions that provide little other than simple hour monitoring. Our tool is easily adaptable to different cultures and markets both in Europe and Middle East”, explains Ares.

United Channels Consulting CEO, also confirms: “Like any new concept and emergent technology, it will take a while before we have a full picture of the market response, but so far the feedback we’ve been receiving is positive. Mostly due to the openness of UAE to new technology and innovation, and the fact that most people there are in general, early adopters.”

Overa Activity is a multiplatform and multidevice solution that offers objective data regarding the usage of corporate devices and applications. Overa Activity is easy to deploy and integrate, usually taking mere days or weeks to implement, depending on the complexity of the Project. Based in AI and ML algorithms, the solution allows companies to analyse, detect and act upon processes that are inefficient or generate security risks.

Ozona Tech

Ozona Tech is a Spanish company specialised in enabling companies to work remotely for almost 20 years. It counts with a highly skilled and professional workforce of over 70 people. As part of the Ozona group, the company has expertise in Data Centres and Cloud, Modern Workplace, User Productivity, Process Digitalisation and Automation and Business Management.

United Channels Consulting

United Channels Consulting was founded in 2017 in Lisbon, and counts today with 10 expert consultants across the world. The company was born out of the need of covering a gap in the internationalization process of SME’s, and the understanding that penetrating a new market is expensive and slow, unless you have a worldwide recognisable brand. In order to help and make possible for many SME’s to reach new territories quicker, United Channels connects innovative and disruptive vendors with local partners and clients, thanks to our extensive contact list built over the past 20 years of experience in the Channel Management and Sales fields.

 Overa Activity

Is an analytics tool powered by Machine Learning and AI that measures productivity in the workplace, at home and in the office, online and offline. Overa Activity tracks and monitors a number of productivity metrics allowing companies to: understand how people work and how they are performing, gain visibility over how devices and applications are behaving, and compare performance metrics against industry average, teams and departments.

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