Ozona Tech presents Overa Activity, their intelligent analytics platform for the workplace

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The new Innovation team at the Spanish tech consultancy has developed a software that allows companies to measure user experience and how users interact with corporate devices.

Based in AI and Machine Learning technologies, Overa Activity provides objective information about the intensity of usage of devices and applications, in order to detect inefficiencies.

Ozona Tech, company expert in the digitalisation of the workplace, presents Overa Activity, an intelligent analytics platform for the workplace based in AI and Machine Learning. Developed by the R&D and Innovation team of Ozona Tech, this tool was specially designed for HR and IT teams and the C-level.

The platforms aims to help companies improve the way they measure productivity objectively at work, now that remote working and digital transformation is expanding to more and more organisations. This search for accurate measurement of productivity leads to the need of having tools able to gather and present insights about how users interact with corporate devices.

“We started working on a user experience monitoring tool a few years ago. Thanks to the Covid-19 imposed lockdowns and the growing need faced by our clients of wanting to gain greater visibility over new hybrid and remote styles of work, we’ve created a complete analytics platform”, explains Ramón Ares, Managing Director of Ozona Tech.

Overa Activity provides information about the time spent and intensity of usage of corporate applications and devices, in order to analyse, detect and act upon incidents that cause inefficiencies. Activity integrates with all the main remote working and analytics solutions.

It’s a multiplatform and multidevice solution that offers objective data regarding the usage of corporate devices and applications. Overa Activity is easy to deploy and integrate, usually taking mere days or weeks to implement, depending on the complexity of the Project.

From three perspectives

With Overa Activity, Human Resources teams can gain visibility over the level of digital disconnection, the patterns and intensity of usage of certain tools so as to understand which ones are more effective and crucial to the well-functioning of the company, as well as identify training needs across the business.

For IT departments, Overa Activity provides them with sight over connectivity patterns, analytics about devices and processes’ performance, device usage maps, suspicious applications and risky user behaviours.

Finally, for the C-level, the solution developed by Ozona Tech allows companies to compare and benchmark performance metrics against sector averages, department, company size and many other variables.

Ozona Tech

Ozona Tech is a Spanish company specialised in enabling companies to work remotely for almost 20 years. It counts with a highly skilled and professional workforce of over 70 people. As part of the Ozona group, the company has expertise in Data Centres and Cloud, Modern Workplace, User Productivity, Process Digitalisation and Automation and Business Management.

Overa Activity

Is an analytics tool powered by Machine Learning and AI that measures productivity in the workplace, at home and in the office, online and offline. Overa Activity tracks and monitors a number of productivity metrics allowing companies to: understand how people work and how they are performing, gain visibility over how devices and applications are behaving, and compare performance metrics against industry average, teams and departments.

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